Henrieke Neumeyer
product design


Between System Dishes and Wabi-Sabi. Between norm and coincidence. Between precision and imperfection. 

A tableware that plays with the discrepancy and combines the regular with the irregular. Consisting of simple vessels and plates in three different earth shades. They are stackable, universally usable and have nevertheless a life of their own, emphasized by the material, which contradicts the serial character of their basic forms. A smooth and light clay makes the forms appear soft, whereas a heavily chamottized black clay brings out the rough quality. A white glaze connects the pieces of the series while creating various interactions with the stoneware. 

The varying appearance is supported by three different structures rising from the bottom of the plate. These are created by a digital code, in a spectrum between strict order and random distribution. A pattern in circles of lined-up dots, at first exact and successively merging into more disordered formations.

pictures by Bastian Funk